Mobile DJ Bounce House

This Custom DJ Bounce House is not only unique, its one of a kind. designed from the ground up. This unit is what we call a mobile DJ bounce house. climb on inside to dance, rave and bounce to your favorite musik.

Size: 20x17

4 Hours - $260

(Tax Not Included)

Traditional Bounce House

This Traditional Bounce House is classic, bringing the fun and joy to everyone.  

Size: 17x13

Only $40 an hour


(Tax Not Included)


Outdoor Movie Night

Every wanted to have a movie night outside? well this is your chance. With this screen reaches over 16ft, your guest will be submerged into the outdoor movie experience 

Screen Size: 16ft

2.5 Hours - $350

(Tax Not Included)

Note: This unit will be provided with the basic needs to showcase the movie. 

Cotton Candy Machine

We are a cotton candy loving company. What’s not to love, really? Cotton candy’s a big, bright, colorful ball of sugar served straight up on a stick or in a bag.
Cotton Candy.jpg

Inflatable Air Dancers

Needing to catch peoples attention in a fun and different way? these ginormous air dancers, reaching over 20 feet tall will do just that.

$15 an hour

(Tax Not Included)