Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions that have been asked repeatedly by our clients. If your question has not been answered, feel free to ask us under the 'Contact Us' page.

Q: Do you have 'clean' edited music?


A:  Yes. We provide clean and unclean tracks available upon request. We have performed in churches and schools so we understand how important it is to not disrupt the scene of certain venues.

Q: Where can you perform?


A:  No distance  constraints. NOTE: there is a $1.25 per mile charge beyond the 30 mile radius of Moore, Ok

Q: What does the concession items come with?


A:  Our cotton candy comes with one flavor of your choice, that container can make up to 50 - 70 batches depending on the size created. We also provide the cones. It will also come with a trained staff member to setup - teardown.

B: Our Popcorn machine will make up to 30 bags of popcorn, it will also come with a trained staff member.  

Q: what if I need more cotton candy or popcorn?


A:  Don't worry, if you want to add another flavor of cotton candy or just have another container on hand to be safe that's completely fine. only $8 dollars for each additional container. 

B: Need to add more popcorn? only $5 dollars for each additional bag.

Q: Are the bounce houses clean?


A:  Most definitely! we take pride in our units, that's why we also require a staff member to be with the unit at all times.